A missing tooth is the problem which could be very troublesome in the adult life because it could give rise to many other problems. Not only the person feels lack of confidence, but he finds it difficult to speak and to eat many kinds of foods. Therefore, to solve this problem, there are dentures available in the market. There are types of the dentures and these are customized as well which means that these could be designed for the person who needs it and it could fit right it in his mouth as well. The dentures do not look artificial at all but these are very much natural looking and are very helpful in restoring the look of the person. Go here for more information about dental clinic.

What are the types of the dentures?

The dentures Wheelers hill are usually of two types. There are full dentures which are usually worn by the people who have more than two missing tooth or have gaps in the teeth. Whereas the partial dentures are designed to fill out one or two missing teeth. The full dentures are also knowns as the complete dentures and these are generally made from the plastic, these are made in the right shape and are coloured according to the natural colour of the teeth and the gums. Most of the times these dentures are not fixed in the mouth permanently and people can wear these whenever they want to but some people go for the dentures implant in which the dentures are permanently fixed in the mouth. This is done through surgery and this procedure is not very cheap but is expensive because it differs from the traditional denture ways. 

The partial dentures could also be made from the plastic and these could also be made using some kind of metal that is designed to provide the support to the teeth. The partial metal denture is usually fixed in the mouth and it is there to provide the strength of the actual teeth. The plastic partial dentures are not a popular choice because these may not exhibit strength as the metal ones and these are commonly used in the situation when there needs to have an emergency replacement of the tooth. 

When are the dentures made?

Whenever a tooth comes out of its place then the other tooth starts to adjust and the bones and tissues of the mouth starts to heal and these change their shape in this period. It usually takes the time of 12 weeks to the bones to completely heal and to come in the stabilized shape when these are not changing anymore. At this time, the dentures are designed keeping in mind the shape and the bone structure of the missing tooth.

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