You might have read about different libido supplements and their properties as cures to any and all ills associated with poor performance in bed. If you’re past your thirties, you might feel it is time to start such a supplement – even if you might not feel anything amiss right away. If you are interested here is a quick rundown of what exactly these supplements can do for you:

Boosting testosterone levels – whilst the exact science behind how sex drives and sexual performance actually happens has not yet been fully revealed, scientists are positive that testosterone plays a significant role in it all. To prove the point, the levels of the so-called ‘masculine hormone’ tend to be taken as a sign of virility and fertility, and most fertility tablets generally aim at increasing the levels of free testosterone in your body. Furthermore, fitting in with what is currently agreed, the levels of testosterone decrease significantly as you age, with most men past their middle ages seeing a decrease of a half or more in their total levels. Boosting the existing levels of testosterone in your body is therefore bound to have an overall positive impact on your libido, as well as improve your fertility to boot.

Regulate the hormonal balance in your body – contrary to what most people are led to believe, men also have the so-called ‘female hormones’, namely oestrogen and progesterone. Of the two, the latter is the forerunner to testosterone – or in other words, it is what precedes the creation of testosterone. On the other hand, oestrogen levels are indirectly proportional to testosterone: when the latter decreases with age, oestrogen levels rise. The balance of these, and other hormones as well, is very important in ensuring good health and an increased sex drive.

Increasing insulin sensitivity – one of the more unexpected advantages that many male sexual enhancement pills tout is their capacity to act as insulin resistance pills. Insulin is the substance responsible for lowering blood glucose levels, and what is chiefly used to control the blood sugar levels of diabetic patients. Several studies have shown that these libido supplements can often reduce the body’s resistance (that gradually develops) to insulin. Simply put, they can ensure that a lesser dose of insulin can efficiently bring down sugar levels.

Burning up fat – and yet another welcome advantage of many libido supplements is their capacity to work as fat burners. Many effective insulin resistance pills for men are targeted towards older men, who also struggle with gaining weight, especially around the stomach area. As a result, the production of many of these supplements also considered ingredients capable of functioning as ‘fat burners’, so to say.

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