Melbourne Speech Clinics are a professional group of Speech Pathology clinics across metropolitan Melbourne. This innovative practice is owned and operated by Mr Craig Gorman. As Director and Principal Speech Pathologist, he draws upon his experience as a father of 3 children and is considered to be one of Melbourne’s most experienced Speech Pathologists. Craig is supported by a treating team of experienced and professional staff.

Our dynamic team comprises of clinicians that have a wealth of professional and personal experience that they can draw upon, when assessing both adults and children and when establishing a therapy program for the individual.

Melbourne Speech Clinics are clinic based practices, however we can easily organise home or hospital/ aged care centre visits, if indicated.

At Melbourne Speech Clinics we use a collaborative service delivery model in which all of our clinical staff work closely with their family and all other care givers to plan and implement therapeutic services that best suit the client`s needs.

Craig Gorman brings to his practice, over 28 years of experience across the range of communication and swallowing disorders that may be impacting upon a person`s life.

At Melbourne Speech Clinics we believe that early intervention is the key to a successful outcome. The client is always the priority at our clinics and all possible measures are taken to encourage, stimulate and challenge the individual`s learning and development.

Please consult our website to further explore the options available to you or your family. t) 1300654540 m) 0412515325

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