At one point in life every chain-smoker wants to make a stop to their bad habit because of various reasons. It maybe because they have found their dream partner or they got to know how bad it is for their lungs in a descriptive way or simply because it\’s already too late. Whatever the reasons may be quitting smoke can be a very depressing process as you have to deal with withdraw symptoms mentally and physically. But here are some ways to guarantee yourself to stay away from the same patternand to prevent yourself from being depressed.

Set your mind right

You should start with setting a date to stop smoking Melbourne, a date which is not that far away so you don’t have time to change your mind. You can decide whether you want to quit abruptly or gradually. To have the maximum results on that day, you should tell your friends and families beforehand, throw away all your cigarettes, sign up for a stop smoking group and stock up substitutes. Doing things like delaying the intake when the urge comes, deep breaths drinking plenty of water and Staying occupied during your final day will make things easy for you.

Best substitute

Even though many people quit without the aid of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) most of them end up smoking again. NRT is a popular way to give up as it lessens the cravings and ease the withdraw symptoms as well. There are government approved net types and they are skin patches, chewing gum, lozenges, nasal sprays and inhalers. You should anyway get the help of your medical professional before deciding.

Go non nicotine

There are government approved non nicotine drugs available for you to best way to quit smoking. You can purchase them at your closest pharmacy. Even though these are government approved medications there are many side effects you cannot control. Behavioural changes, hostility, depressed mood, aggression and suicidal thoughts are just a few.

All the support

People tend to smoke when they are angry or stressed out. They are used to the smoke to ease out their stress. But when they quit its hard for them to deal with such things. So what you can do is, you can go for counselling or read self help materials or go for support services. Individual counselling is known to be the most effective way to give up.


Even though success stories of using alternative therapy is not recorded properly there are some available for you if you like to use. Not only nicotine stripes , smoking deterrents, e-cigarettes , nicotine drinks or even hypnosis are available for you to try out. Don’t be afraid to make a stop to your bad habit as there are many resources , places and people around you to help you get through this hurdle without running off track. But taking the first step is your sole responsibility and everything relies on that first step.

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