Post Surgery Tips To Restore Your Previous Self

Posted on January 18, 2016 By

A surgery can be quite a challenging ordeal, both mentally and physically. It will not only push you to your wits end with mind numbing pain but will also put you to extreme stress worrying about the outcome. However, once the surgery is complete you can breathe a sigh of relief and get prepared for the recovery process. Most surgeons, during the post surgery review session will advise you on common do’s and don’ts that you must follow to complement the recuperating period. Here are a couple of them in case you missed to make a note when your doctor was talking.

– Abstain from any demanding physical movement for the first week. This includes climbing stairs, walking long distances, driving a car or operating any machinery that requires physical strength. In other words, don’t stress your muscles and joints. The stitches take time to heal and you don’t want to disturb them in any manner causing any more harm. Reconstructive spine surgery that the first week post surgery is when most of the healing happens and hence the most important period for speedy recovery.

– A week post surgery is a time for you to rejuvenate and relax. Avoid entangling yourself in any serious matters related to office, family or relations where you will have to exert yourself. It is better to avoid signing any important papers as you might probably be still reeling in and out of consciousness. Consult with the team of orthopedic surgeons who attended your case before you many any vital moves.

– In case you had a surgery on your leg, it is better to use a suspender and have it positioned in an elevated position. Arranging your home furniture leaving much space for movement will also be better as it would prevent accidental knocking.

– Following medication is of utmost importance after surgery. At home you will be deprived of the assistance of nurses and stewards. Set alarms, use a pill box and do everything possible to have your pills and medicines on time. Have stock of your pills all the times and do not forget to replenish them at least two days in advance.

– Taking care of your incisions is also important to avoid infections. Clean and nurse the wounds on a regular basis and if possible, and once approved by your doctor have occasional sponge baths too. Taking a shower in the first week is not advisable as it can wet the wound and delay the healing process.

There is no standard answer as to how long it takes for a person to recover from a surgery. Depending on the type of surgery and its severity the recovery process will be longer or shorter. Always follow the recommendation of your orthopedic surgeon diligently to have a quick recovery.


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