How To Pass Your Driver’s

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Pumla Mthethwa, 23, was a nervous wreck. She was going to take her driver’s license test and had been frustrated with herself for failing it three times already. She’d taken calmettes, rescue drops and what have you to calm her nerves on the day, but she’d still feel her leg shaking on the clutch each time that she’d stepped into the red VW Golf, the car with which she’d taken her tests.

This time she thought that she would do some meditation in Willoughby just before she headed to the traffic department. Afterward, she still felt nervous, but at the same time, confident. I’ve done this three times before, she thought, if I fail again who would care? Not I.

On the first try of her license she’d remembered being the first one that the traffic officer would test that day. As she waited outside the officer’s office, she’d heard her have an argument about her dog. Perhaps meditation could help this lady. Her father didn’t want to take it to the vet and she had been duly throwing a tantrum, as a result. In the end she’d told him to do what he’d wanted and she slammed the phone down.

She then came to fetch Mthethwa, allowed her to pass the incline and failed her because of a slight roll on the three-point-turn.

In the second try, Mthethwa passed this point in the test and was elated. It was on the road that she’d failed the second time, as well as the third time.

She’s thought that with the amount of “check, check, checks” that existed in the K-53 testing system, any driver that stuck to these rules, in reality, would cause accidents. Many drivers to whom she’d already spoken said they abandoned the whole rulebook once they’d passed their license tests. One said: “I’m useless at K-53. People aren’t robots, they can’t follow a system like that to the tee. Driving becomes reflexive and based on instinct with practice, so who needs K-53?”

D-day was here and Mthethwa had been successful in the parking part of the test. It was off to the road for her and her head had been bobbing with her “check, check, checks” so that the instructor could see that she’d known her work.

After coming back into the yard the test officer said: “Well, let’s see young lady…” Mthethwa looked at the man with the fear of another rejection. “It appears that you’ve passed.”

She was shocked and had to ask him again if she’d passed. She literally skipped on a cloud for the rest of the day.

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