End The Pain Of Waxing

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Many women undergo the pain of waxing in regular intervals for the sake of keeping off the unwanted hair off their faces and other skin areas. Waxing is done by applying hot wax on the skin and by placement of paper on the hot wax which is then taken off suddenly to remove the hair from the skin. This is a painful process that many women have learned to sustain as they want to see their skin and face rid of unwanted body hair for a few days. The growth comes back for sure as it is not a permanent solution.

Why opt for temporary solutions

The introduction of laser hair removal techniques is a recent one. This technique of killing the roots of body hair was not present decades ago. For that reason, many women resorted to temporary solutions for removing their body hair. The methods of shaving, waxing and the application of creams for hair removal have existed for long. These are safe, but ineffective ways which need to be repeated at regular intervals if one wishes to look free of body and facial hair all the time.

The permanence of laser technology

Today laser technology finds increasing uses as many clinics have been able to establish the effectiveness of laser hair removal effectively among the people. Laser technology works by emitting beams of a certain wavelength that burns off the root of the hair. In a controlled manner this therapy works in reducing the growth of body hair to a large extent. The sessions need to be repeated from time to time in order to capture all the body hair at different stages of growth, which is necessary to stem the hair growth process effectively and permanently.

Limitations of the laser technology

Even though the laser clinic offer permanent hair removal solutions which they advertise everyday, one needs to know the truth about the limitations of this technology. The process works only on certain skin types where the skin is lighter than the body hair. In other skin types the process is not effective. Again, in sensitive areas like underarms and bikini lines, this process is not recommended. Hence, not every area can be made hairless and smooth by this technology.

Find a clinic near you

There are many clinics that advertise this process, and many are tempted to visit them for sessions. Before one does so, it is imperative that one reviews these places as per the technology and expertise they possess. Then only should the process be taken up by customers at a certain clinic. The reliability of the clinic’s personnel, equipment and expertise in the technology need to be reviewed and ascertained at first.

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